Empowering Change: Fostering Female Representation in Adria’s Decision-Making


At Women on Boards Adria (WOBA), we believe that talent, ambition and potential are equitably distributed among all genders. Our region continues to grapple with gender disparities in the business sphere and the missed opportunities for growth and progress that represents. In a world still predominantly influenced by male culture, the gender pay gap and the underrepresentation of women in decision-making roles still persists.

That is why our mission at WOBA is to advocate for equal opportunities for both men and women in senior positions across the Adria region.

Significance: Why It Matters?

Elevating the representation of women in leadership not only leads to better financial performance but also bolsters a company’s reputation, investor confidence, and stakeholder engagement. Studies affirm a positive correlation between gender balance in leadership and a company’s overall ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) performance. Inclusive leadership isn’t just good for business—it’s beneficial for our societies and our planet.

Our Commitment and Approach

Collaborating with our partners, advisory board members, ambassadors, and supporters, our collective mission is to drive an upsurge in gender diversity within boards and C-level positions. Through advocating legislative reforms grounded in European best practices and research, offering training, and mentoring, and establishing supportive professional networks, we aim to dismantle the barriers that prevent women from entering boardrooms and accelerate their progression to senior management roles in the Adria region.

Collaborative Alliances and Future Announcements

At Women on Boards Adria, we rely on institutional, corporate, and individual support, along with strategic partnerships with international, regional, and national organizations, all aligned toward promoting gender equality across the region. In the weeks to come, we will proudly announce our partners in this mission, true leaders in our joint goal of advocating greater gender equality.

Join Us in Driving Change

Membership in the WOBA association is open to all who wish to contribute to positive change, advance their skills, build careers, and become part of a supportive network of like-minded individuals and organizations.

We invite you to join us in our mission to promote gender equality and become part of a community that champions change and actively contributes to building a more inclusive and gender-diverse society.

Latest News

From Strategy to Directive: How EU plans to improve gender balance in corporate boards and leadership

From Strategy to Directive: How EU plans to improve gender balance in corporate boards and leadership

The European Union has made strides in gender equality through legislation, gender mainstreaming, and specific measures, in order to address issues of women being over-represented in lower-paid sectors and under-represented in leadership roles.

The ‘Women On Boards’ Directive concerning gender balance on corporate boards, while specific to EU member states, holds relevance for the Adria region as well.

Become a Member of Women on Boards Adria Through Individual Membership

Become a Member of Women on Boards Adria Through Individual Membership

We welcome you to the Women on Boards Adria (WOBA) network of dedicated experts, ready to empower you to excel in your career through training and mentoring provided by accomplished leaders!

Membership is open to individuals who recognise the importance of capacity building for themselves and the organisations they are part of. Through our programmes, we will offer tailored capacity-building, including priority access to webinars and all other online events, resources, networking, and peer discussion, and personal development masterclasses with leaders of different industries.